The concluding session of Energy in Cosmos, Molecules and Life on 22 June 2005, was held at Aula Magna, Stockholm University and was open to the public. Within the framework of physics, chemistry and medicine, three panel discussions where held, with energy as the common theme.

Michael Sohlman, Executive Director, the Nobel Foundation

Energy and Man – Physics
Moderators: Lars Bergström and Mats Jonson
Panel: Robert Aymar, Andrei Linde and Joachim Luther

Energy and Man – Chemistry
Moderators: Astrid Gräslund and Bengt Nordén
Panel: Roderick MacKinnon, Julius Rebek Jr., Ahmed H. Zewail and Richard N. Zare

Energy and Man – Medicine
Moderators: Bo Angelin and Hans Jörnvall
Panel: Jeffrey M. Friedman, Eric R. Kandel and Svante Pääbo


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