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Sunday June 19

Session I: Origin of non-equilibrium universe, dark matter and dark energy

Professor Andrei Linde What energy drives the universe?
Abstract (pdf, 50 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 6,35 MB) »
Report (pdf, 155 kb) »

Professor Martin Rees Galaxies, stars and black holes: their formation and energy budgets 
Abstract (pdf, 10 kB) »
Lecture Slides (4,1 MB) »
Report (pdf, 107 kB) »

Professor William Klemperer The chemistry of the universe 
Abstract (pdf, 68 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 2,88 MB) »
Report (pdf, 97 kB) »


Session II: Chemical reactions, energy transfer and catalysis (part 1)

Professor Ahmed Zewail Life of molecules in space and time
Abstract (pdf, 101 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 11,69 MB) »
Report (pdf, 75 kB)»

Professor Richard N. Zare Energy requirements and energy release in elementary chemical reactions
Abstract (pdf, 457 kB) »
Abstract (pdf, 145 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 6,22 MB) »
Report (pdf, 417 kB) »

Professor Gerhard Ertl Molecules at surfaces and mechanism of catalysis
Abstract (pdf, 75 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 2,37 MB) »
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Report (pdf, 455 kB) »

Professor Julius Rebek Jr. The inner space of molecules
Abstract (pdf, 422 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 4,21 MB) »
Report (pdf, 262 kB) »


Monday June 20

Session III: Biological energy and molecular motors

Professor Jeffrey Friedman Genes, behaviour and metabolism: balancing the energy equation in vivo
Abstract  (pdf, 70 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 19,97 MB) »
Report (pdf, 113 kB) »

Professor Kazuhiko Kinosita, Jr. F1-ATPase: A molecular transducer of chemical and mechanical energies
Abstract (pdf, 114 kB) »
Lecture Slides I (pdf, 1,90 MB) »
Lecture Slides II (pdf, 2,06 MB) »
Report (pdf, 53 kB) »

Professor Arthur L. Horwich  Protein folding
Abstract (pdf, 92 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 1,82 MB) »


Session IV: Energy and evolution of man

Professor Svante Pääbo Human evolution
Abstract (pdf, 113 kB) »
Report (pdf, 78 kB) »

Professor Siv Andersson The microbial contribution to energy in man
Abstract (pdf, 96 kB) »
Report (pdf, 172 kB) »


Session V: Chemical reactions, energy transfer and catalysis (part 2)

Professor Richard A. Lerner The new chemistry of antibodies
Abstract (pdf, 87 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 59,84MB) »
Report (pdf, 79 kB) »

Professor Joan Steitz Novel RNAs along the pathway of gene expression
Abstract (pdf, kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 3,33 MB »
Report (pdf, 179 kB) »


Tuesday June 21

Session VI: Central nervous system, brain and information

Professor Eric R. Kandel Long term memory and the persistence of memory storage
Abstract (pdf, 59 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 2,03 MB) »
Report (pdf, 112 kB) »

Professor Roderick MacKinnon Membrane channels
Abstract (pdf, kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 1,26 MB) »
Report (pdf, 76 kB) »

Professor Richard Axel A molecular logic of olfactory perception
Abstract (pdf, kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 3,42 MB) »


Session VII: Future sources of energy

Professor Carlo Rubbia Does nuclear energy have a future?
Lecture Slides (pdf, 2,97 MB) »
Report (pdf, 112 kB) »

Professor Joachim Luther Sustainable energy systems
Abstract (pdf, 75 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 1,12 MB) »
Report (pdf, 112 kB) »

Professor Robert Aymar Whatever became of nuclear fusion?
Abstract (pdf, 19 kB) »
Lecture Slides (pdf, 2,16 MB) »
Report (pdf, 121 kB) »


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